Belize LLC (LDC)

Belize LLC Formation Online!

Belize Limited Liability Companies

We provide same day Belize LLC formation. The Belize offshore company that is equivalent to the LLC is the Belize LDC (Limited Duration Company). This is the reason why the Belize LDC is often referred to as the Belize LLC.

Belize LDC formation is carried out according to the stipulations of the Belize International Business Company Act which was passed in Belize in 1990, and since then has been revamped to provide the best offshore companies.

Belize LLC Advantages

Belize Offshore LLC Privacy and Tax Benefits

We offer affordable nominee services which increases your privacy for Belize LLC formation. The names of the members of a Belize limited duration company are not filed as part of public files. Financial statements and audits are also kept private since these are not filed with the Belize tax authorities.

An offshore Belize LLC will pay no taxes in Belize except for a registration fee and an annual license renewal fee. We include license renewals as part our supplementary services.

Belize companies registered as Belize LDCs make excellent Belize business companies. We at leave no questions unanswered with regard to Belize LLC incorporation.

Belize LLC Formation

The Belize LDC which is registered by us has similiar formation requirements as an LLC registered in the United States.

For Belize LLC registration, the law requires a registered agent and we provide registered agent services which are affordable in Belize tax haven. We have an excellent reputation as offshore agents providing efficient and reliable services. The products we offer in Belize tax haven are among the best.

CCP Inc. prepares the documents for the formation of your Belize offshore LLC. Important information which is required can be provided by you when you complete our online incorporation form. We ensure efficient and inexpensive Belize LLC formation.

Belize Tax Haven

Belize is an English speaking country located in Central America. Belize is a culturally diverse country with a population of approximately 330,000 made up of Kriols (Creole), Garifunas, Mestizos, Mayans and other ethnic groups. Belize is well known for its reefs, which are said to be among the best scuba diving sites in the world.

Belize’s economy once depended mainly on its agricultural industry but recently the tourism industry has been a steady contributor to the economy. In addition, Belize tax haven offshore services sector is also making a substantial contribution to the country’s development. The tax haven of Belize offers offshore company formation (international business companies and Belize IBC), Belize offshore trust formation, and Belize offshore banking and Belize foundations. As a tax haven, Belize makes available 100% tax exemptions to offshore companies (LLC and IBC) and other offshore entities which have no local business operations.