Offshore LLC

Offshore LLC is a model vehicle for tax savings and asset protection and can be used worldwide for business or investment purposes. The LLCs we feature are characteristically like that of their predecessors — the US LLCs of Wyoming and Delaware.

Anguilla LLC Belize LLC (LDC) Nevis LLC

Offshore LLC Prices that can’t be beat!

We offer low cost offshore LLC packages. Our offshore LLC fees are transparent with no hidden charges. Our packages are flexible, and can be set up with your own officers or using nominee officers to enhance your business and personal privacy.

Our bank introduction service fees are among the lowest available. You can choose from three offshore banks to open the offshore bank account for your LLC; the recommended best offshore LLC package for your needs! A customized package for your offshore limited liability company can include a bank account from European banks in Cyprus, Switzerland and Latvia and a Caribbean offshore bank in St. Vincent and a trusted bank in Tanzania. You may select your preferred offshore banking options when you are filling in the online application for an offshore LLC.

Offshore LLC Structure

We offer the LLC (Limited Liability Company) which is a company with features of both partnerships and corporations. As its name suggests, an LLC limits the personal liability of its owners; a characteristic which LLCs have in common with corporations. Like partnerships, the profits or losses generated by the LLC are passed on to the members.

Offshore Limited Liability Company Features

Offshore LLC Formation

By law, offshore LLC formation must be carried out by registered agents like us. We provide the fastest offshore LLC formation in Nevis, Anguilla and Belize, thanks to the privilege of working directly with the registry.

To form an LLC offshore, the Articles of Organization are prepared and filed with the Registrar of Companies in the jurisdiction of choice. We provide offshore LLC registration in secure online environment.

Our office will prepare all the documentation necessary for forming an offshore LLC on your behalf. With our years of experience and expertise in offshore LLC formation services, we can incorporate an offshore LLC in as little as one day, (depending on jurisdiction). We accept several forms of payments to include online credit card, wire transfer, Moneygram and Western Union. Once your payment is confirmed and you send us the required documents, your LLC will be formed.

Within one day, your offshore LLC documents can be shipped to you worldwide via secure courier. We proudly boast of the fastest company formation and best offshore company prices anytime.

Offshore LLC Advantages

Nevis LLC and Anguilla LLC are traditional offshore LLCs, but the Belize version of the LLC is formally called the Belize Limited Duration Company, which is formed under the IBC Act and has limited duration. Unlike the IBC it does not need to be managed by a board of directors, but like the LLC can have members as managers.

Offshore LLC for Asset Protection

Offshore LLC is a very suitable corporate vehicle for offshore asset protection, holding business assets and investments with an exchange value. Offshore LLCs have ‘Charging Order Protection’ under which creditors of offshore LLC members cannot seize ownership of the LLC; they cannot take control of the LLC. In addition, a properly structured offshore LLC shall not be sued directly as there is no proximity and the claimant or creditor cannot confiscate, seize or freeze the LLC assets. The offshore LLC is appropriate for US investors and businessmen as all US states fit in the Charge Order Protection into their LLC laws.

Further, upon inspection, the LLC is also less vulnerable to fraudulent transfers.  That means it is more difficult for a court to prove that the assets in the LLC were fraudulently transferred to the LLC. The LLC as a business entity will place an investment or exchange value on the assets placed into it, and as such, the assets cannot be construed as gifts.

Asset protection is provided by an offshore LLC as ownership of personal assets is removed from the member and it is less likely that the assets will ever be subject to seizure or claim.

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