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Nevis Limited Liability Company

Nevis LLC also referred to as Nevis Offshore LLC is one of our three main products. The Nevis Limited Liability Company is regulated by the Nevis LLC Ordinance. The legislation has since been amended to provide the best limited liability company for investors. The Nevis LLC ordinance is modeled on the Delaware LLC Act. Once registered, a Nevis offshore LLC can be used for many types of business operations but are especially attractive to single business owners.

Nevis Offshore Services

Tax haven Nevis has legislation in place to provide the following offshore services:

Nevis LLC Advantages

We provide the service of Nevis (LLC) Limited Liability Company formation. The Nevis LLC has proven time and time again to be an excellent offshore company which can be utilized for effective tax planning and asset protection.

Nevis LLC Incorporation Services

We are a registered offshore service provider in Nevis offering qiality Nevis offshore LLC company incorporation services. We provide offshore company formation, maintenance and administration services. Our main objectives are to provide secure Nevis LLC incorporation and set up offshore bank accounts for your Nevis LLC.

Nevis does not tax income earned internationally. However offshore entities registered in Nevis must pay a registration fee and an annual renewal fee. As your agent we will provide the renewal services for your Nevis LLC.

Nevis LLC Formation Requirements

On our offshore llc incorporation page, there are step by step instructions on how to form a Nevis LLC. The online incorporation forms are easy to use. As your agent we will be responsible for preparing the offshore LLC documents and we will submit these to the Registrar of Companies in Nevis.

We provide professional registered agent services ensuring that the company formation process of a Nevis LLC is carried out effectively and without any setbacks.

Please note the main company incorporation requirements for a Nevis LLC:

Nominee members may be used for Nevis LLC formation, which is a service we provide. Nevis Limited Liability Company formation can be completed in one working day.

Nevis Tax Haven

Nevis (tax haven) is an island in the Caribbean and a former sugar producing country, but today, like many of its Caribbean tax haven counterparts, Nevis’ economy depends heavily on its tourism industry and its offshore financial sector.

Nevis has proven to be a leader in offshore services in the region; quickly implementing progressive offshore laws for various offshore entities.