LLC Offshore Banking Services

LLC Offshore Accounts

Offshore bank accounts are available for all the offshore companies (LLC) we incorporate. We offer bank account in several select countries, though offshore banks can be found all over the world, and not only in "tax haven" territories.

As registered agents, we provide essential bank introduction to five of the best international banks. This service is available only to clients who incorporate with us. The offshore banks we propose offer corporate bank accounts and banking services that will enhance the use of your LLC.

The services offered by these banks include:

Offshore Banking Advantages

Banking Services and Bank Account Jurisdictions

As registered agents we recommend banks in the following offshore jurisdictions. We provide bank introductions at choice banks in these jurisdictions.

Belize (Central American Bank).This offshore bank has a wide range of international banking products and services, including, accounts denominated and traded in any of the world’s major currencies, international payments and transfers via secure SWIFT system and full access to the bank account is made through international credit cards.

Nevis (Caribbean Offshore Bank). Open a bank account in this offshore bank within five working days using our bank introduction services.  The Nevis bank has a low deposit requirement, low administrative fees and competitive interest rates which make this a choice offshore bank for our customers.

St. Lucia (Caribbean Offshore Bank). We can help you open an offshore bank account in this international St Lucia bank. The bank features secure online banking facilities with full access to multi currency private accounts. Visa and MasterCard credit cards provide hassle free worldwide access to account.

St. Vincent (Caribbean Offshore Bank). Our offshore banking services help you to establish an offshore bank account at this prestigious private St. Vincent offshore bank. Offshore banking services offered by this bank include very secure online banking for easy access to accounts, multi currency accounts, debit cards and other services which will make banking trouble free!

Cyprus (European Bank) — Take advantage of our offshore bank introductory services and enjoy excellent offshore banking with a trusted offshore bank in Cyprus. Internet banking from this Cyprus bank allows offshore account holders to manage bank accounts from any location. Banking services such as wire transfers and international debit/credit cards are also available.

Tanzania (North Africa Bank) — Make use of our bank introduction services and set up a corporate bank account with this dependable bank. Banking services offered includes internet banking, business accounts in multiple currencies, debit/credit cards and other excellent banking services.

Offshore bank introduction is needed, as opening offshore bank accounts can be complicated. But we have such established and sound relationships with these banks and an excellent track record, that we can easily help clients setup and open offshore accounts at the banks mentioned above. Our services as offshore agents also include helping clients with the application process for offshore accounts by providing corporate documents and other required information to the offshore banks.

Brokerage Accounts (Panama). To further enhance your company business activities, we can assist you with setting up a brokerage account at a prestigious firm headquartered in Panama. Brokerage accounts at this firm can be set up within two working days. In order to set up the trading account, there must be a company account set in the same name. Trading is conducted on high-tech software and web-based platforms.